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Expert Post-Construction Cleaning

Your newly constructed or renovated space may be left with the remnants of construction dirt, debris, and grime. Removing all evidence of a work zone is essential once construction is complete. If dust is left in cabinets from installation, dirt and mud has been tracked in by workers, or unused materials are left around the construction site, you’ll want to ensure every area is clean and presentable to really make your new space feel new. Get the post-construction cleaning services you need with the help of Blink Facility Solutions.

Our team provides expert cleaning services you can rely on, so you can move on and begin to use your newly-renovated space to its fullest potential. Blink Facility Solutions offers professional service all throughout North and South Carolina. We are based in Fort Mill, and can serve a wide range of surrounding areas — whatever your industry or the job you need done, contact us today for a free estimate for our professional cleaning services.


How Can Blink Facility Solutions Assist with Your Commercial Cleaning Needs?

  • We serve a wide range of industries, from office buildings, to schools, to hospitals, and much more.

  • We provide routine building cleaning and larger-scale construction cleanup.

  • We offer floor cleaning, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, and much more.

  • We utilize hospital-grade cleaning supplies to ensure proper sanitation.

  • We provide customized cleaning plans suited to your needs, offer free consultations, and go above and beyond to complete the job to your specifications.

More About Our Cleaning Services

Proudly serving businesses throughout the Carolinas, our team is well-equipped and prepared to handle any level of post-construction cleanup needed. From heavy-duty cleaning to final touch ups, make sure your facility shines like new before tenants or employees move into the newly-constructed space.

With more than 10 years of experience, our team is trained and knowledgeable in best practices and the best cleaning methods available. We utilize hospital-grade cleaning supplies to ensure your space is cleaned to the highest degree possible. Our team strives to ensure every building we clean offers the healthiest possible environment, in order to convey professionalism and increase productivity and happiness.

Transform your newly constructed space from a lackluster, dirty work zone to the shiny, new facility you’ve been dreaming of. Call Blink Facility Solutions today to schedule a post-construction cleanup. We promise enthusiastic customer service and effective communication to ensure we meet your exact needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

Industries We Serve

Our team has been in the cleaning industry for more than 10 years, and we’ve handled a wide range of jobs in that time. We have the experience to clean a wide range of facilities, and understand that each facility and each client requires specialized cleaning services.

Regardless of the construction project you need cleaned up after, our team will formulate a plan and provide dedicated service to get the job done. Whether you need to clean up renovated apartments before tenants move in, prepare a new addition to your office building for employee use, or you need cleaning for any other type of renovations for churches, hospitals, schools, and more, our team can help. Read our testimonials to see what past clients have had to say about our service, and give us a call today to get started on your construction cleanup job.

Contact Us for Construction Cleanup in North and South Carolina

Renovations to your business can be stressful, but they offer a massive potential for improvements moving forwards. If you’re almost at the finish line for your business renovation, we can help get you there by providing the post-construction deep cleaning you need to start using your new space.

Contact Blink Facility Solutions today for a free estimate for commercial cleaning services in Fort Mill, or the rest of North Carolina and South Carolina.

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