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We pride ourselves in being quick, thorough, and professional. No matter what industry your facility serves, we can help you manage the specific cleaning services needed to keep your facility looking spotless. From churches and banks to corporate offices and sports arenas, we’ve seen it all, and we want to make sure your customers and staff always show up to a hygienic and appealing building. Call today for a free consultation!

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Government Buildings

Government structures frequently have unique cleaning requirements. Structures can be LEED certified, which require very eco-friendly synthetic compounds when cleaning. Government workers are frequently long-term employees and should be supported and cared for during the cleaning procedure. We are also knowledgeable in creating a scope of work and adhering to that scope. We are proud to service the buildings that run our government and will do what it takes to keep them looking great.



When cleaning a healthcare facility of any kind, whether a hospital, dental office, clinic, or doctor’s office, maintaining a high level of cleanliness is of the utmost importance. At Blink Facility Solutions, we are familiar with the challenges of cleaning healthcare facilities and all that comes with it. We adhere to the strict protocols for cleaning and sanitizing, waste disposal, and employee protection. We understand that the cleanliness of a hospital impacts not just patient satisfaction, but the health of patients, visitors, and staff, as well as the nurses’ and doctors’ ability to perform their job efficiently. Call today and we can construct a personalized cleaning plan for your healthcare facility that meets the needs of everyone involved.



Having a clean school can have a serious impact on the performance of both students and faculty. Students are less likely to take their school seriously if it looks dingy and neglected, and good teachers and professors are less likely to apply if they are unimpressed with the condition of the facilities. Blink Facility Solutions has worked with many schools in the past and we want to help you keep your school looking great. Call today to formulate a customized cleaning plan that suits your school's unique needs.


Religious Facilities

The cleanliness of a church or other religious facility plays an important role in church members’ comfort and attendance. At Blink Facility Solutions, we do whatever it takes to ensure each religious facility has a clean and welcoming environment for its visitors. We understand that every religious facility is incredibly unique and we want to work with you to ensure you have a customized cleaning plan to meet the needs of your facility.


Construction Site Cleanup

Whether you are the owner or manager of a newly constructed facility or you own a construction company that builds commercial buildings, Blink Facility Solutions wants to help you clean up your building after construction has been completed. We partner with construction companies and facility management alike to ensure that after construction is finished, your building has all the dust and construction materials removed. We do heavy cleaning as well as final touch-ups so that your new building impresses everyone who enters.


Industrial Buildings

Making sure your industrial facility is clean is imperative to ensuring the machinery and equipment within is working properly and efficiently. Having a clean workspace can also help tremendously with employee morale and productivity. After working with many manufacturing and industrial facilities in the past, we are familiar and well adapted to the fast-paced environment that we will be cleaning in. Call Blink Facility Solutions today to set up a customized cleaning plan for your industrial facility.


Office Buildings

While cleanliness may not seem like it is at the top of the priority list for some office buildings, we know that keeping your office clean can have a major impact on your employees’ happiness and productivity in the workplace. It is also incredibly important to keep your building clean as this can have a tremendous impact on your company’s brand image for employees and visitors alike. Nothing says a company is struggling louder than piles of old useless equipment, dirty floors, and neglected bathrooms. Make sure that your employees are happy and your visitors are impressed, and hire Blink Facility Solutions to keep your building looking its best.

Serving North and South Carolina

Blink Facility Solutions proudly serves all of North & South Carolina. With offices in Fort Mill, SC and Raleigh, NC we have highly trained technicians spread across the entirety of our service area. We provide an above & beyond service no matter where you are in our service area, so give us a call, and let us change your cleaning experience today.

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