Commercial Cleaning Services in Fort Mill

Keeping Your South Carolina Facilities Clean

If you’re the owner of a commercial building or business facility in South Carolina, you probably know better than anyone that it needs to be cleaned regularly. An unclean building can lower employee morale, pose air quality dangers, and turn off prospective customers. On the flip side, a clean and presentable building reflects very well on a business. At Blink Facility Solutions, we serve all of South Carolina with high-quality commercial cleaning services. With ten years of experience in the cleaning industry, we’d be happy to help you keep your facility clean.

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Our Services

  • Daily, weekly, and/or monthly commercial cleaning

  • Large-scale post-construction cleaning

  • Specialized facility cleaning

  • VCT strip and wax

  • LVT care

  • Window cleaning

  • Carpet extraction

  • Tile and ceramic

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South Carolina Industrial Cleaning Services

Fort Mill might not be as big and bustling as Charlotte up north, but it’s still no city to sneeze at. With a sizable population, a diverse collection of businesses, and one of the finest communities we’ve ever seen, it’s a city that we’re proud to call home for Blink Facility Solutions. With one of our offices in Fort Mill, we’re able to travel all over surrounding areas to serve business owners with our commercial and industrial cleaning services.

At Blink Facility Solutions, we provide cleaning services to commercial building owners and business facilities. If you need any of the following services, we’re the ones to call:

  • Commercial Cleaning Services: Commercial cleaning is the bread and butter of Blink Facility Solutions. As a job that we have over ten years of experience doing, we can confidently say that we know our stuff. We’ve cleaned restaurants, office spaces, daycares, auto showrooms, churches, schools, government buildings, and just about everything in between. No matter what your commercial cleaning needs are, you can bet that we can deliver on them. We offer one-time cleanings, as well as daily, weekly, or monthly scheduled visits, and our cleaning plans are custom-tailored to each and every client.
  • Post-Construction Cleaning: Do you have a commercial building that has just finished construction? While you may be eager to rush in and get tenants in right away, it pays to be a little more patient; commercial buildings aren’t actually ready for use until post-construction cleaning has taken place. Because construction crews leave a mess, it’s important to get a team of professionals in there to clean up all the dust, perform final touch ups, and heavy-duty cleaning tasks wherever necessary. We can do all those things and then some. Once we’re through, your building will finally feel as new as it actually is.
  • Special Services: Because of our extensive experience in the cleaning industry, we’ve done pretty much every kind of cleaning task that you could imagine. So, if you need any type of specialized cleaning services, don’t be afraid to ask. At worst, it’ll be something we can’t provide and we’ll politely turn you down. But more likely, we’ll be able to work out a customized solution. Our special services include tasks such as VCT stripping, LVT care, window cleaning, carpet extraction, and more.
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A good, clean building improves morale for employees and reflects better on your business for customers. Do you feel like your building isn’t getting cleaned up to par? We can change that. Contact us today for quality commercial cleaning services.